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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Fabrics by Design-Bizzare


Printed on cotton. The design is based on silk woven in 18th Century Venice, Istanbul, Lyons and Spitalfields London.
Available from John Stefanidis Brands

Friday, 26 January 2018

Amsterdam, Art/Travel- part 2


Unprepossessing on the outside but brilliant inside, so well planned and carefully curated; admirably hung in sequence from Van Gogh's beginnings as a painter until his death. His letters, the lot ........... all contributed to a great Experience.


Renovated- handsome forecourt- cost a great deal and took a long time, alas a little soulless. There should be staggered entrances to the highlights as it is impossible and discouraging not to be able to see say the Rembrandts for the crowds.

Amsterdam, ART/Music/ travel- Part 1


A city of canals with a population of 800,000- only 20% of whom own motorcars! There are thousands of bicycles, orderly and civic minded city despite its sleazy side.
It was Fun & More.

The Dylan, British-owned; everything a small hotel should be with smiley staff, a brasserie & a gourmet restaurant with excellent food.

The Opera, a marvelous production of a Tristan Und Isolde. 
Directed by Pierre Audi
Conducted by Marc Albrecht

Tristan- Stephen Gould
Isolde- Ricarda Merbeth

BOOKS: The Looming Tower