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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Display - John Stefanidis shows how to stage shelving.

Shelving with square shaped cubbyholes is a great way to display memorabilia,bric-a-brac, small paintings and treasured presents.

Each section can be a small stage.

Small Francesco Clemente gouache and watercolour Ortiga candles packaging
Stress-buster plastic pig

'Zebra' Show by Betty Stokes
Soft Fork - a present from Nelson Woo [Marsden Woo Gallery, London]

'Cow Wedgie' by Betty Stokes
Ceramic Pot with Boston Terrier discovered in a Paris street market with chopsticks.
Lacquer cup with lighthouse pencils bought in Rhode Island, USA.

Chinese female deity with dog – white porcelain – 18th Century
Japanese cricket cage
‘Waiting Room’ by Paul Winstanley

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