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BOOKS: The Radetzky March

Joseph Roth wrote the brilliant novel [published in 1932]   The Radetzky March – about the decline of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – I did not know, until the other day, he was a friend of Stefan Zweig a highly regarded writer whose novels were best sellers, whereas Roth struggled as a journalist, he was always broke, and a great complainer - his talent largely unrecognised.  Stefan Zweig who has basked in his success and lived a charmed life in a house that overlooked Salzburg.  He found life intolerable as a self exiled Austrian Jew.  He and his wife committed suicide in Brazil in 1942.  Recognition came to Joseph Roth but very late..... 


  1. Very interesting to know the existance of this book and about Joseph Roth. We all know the Radetzky March but I am sure most of us do not know what is behind it!
    Thank you for the recommendation John.
    Have a nice weekend!



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