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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

DESIGN: Paisley

There are many variations in paisley patterns used in Persian and Indian designs for centuries - and as in embroidered on fine, woollen shawls – as can be seen in the portraits by David and Ingres. 

Ingres c. 1805
Paisley Jacquard woven shawls [a technique invented in the 19th Century by Monsieur Jacquard in Lyons] and manufactured in great quantities in the Scottish town of Paisley [hence its English name from 1800 onwards] became an affordable alternative to the embroidered shawls of Indian Rajahs and Maharanis hand woven and embroidered in Kashmir. These were first imported by the British East India Company in the 17th Century. when the pattern proliferated in France and the Netherlands.

Paisley patterns have remained firm favourites in haberdashery, silk scarves, ties of every kind, and bandana  cotton handkerchiefs. Now printed in the USA, but mostly in China and India.

Above: Paisley patterns designed for table and cushions by John Stefanidis, emboidered in London by Hand & Lock 
& an 
Indian 19th Century Embroidery on a shawl

Below: Two examples of French 19th Century Paisley Embroidery

Finally, Udaiphur is my own take on a "Paisley" style
 which is available in six colours ways.

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  1. John,
    A most interesting post about the Paisley design. I love to know more about the history behind it.And your take on the Paisley design is fabulous! I just love the picture of the bedroom with your Paisley design fabrics! Exquisite!


POETRY: Osip Mandelstam