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COMMENT: The Winds of Change, Bibliophilia and the Internet

High winds in the Eastern Mediterranean - the Gods trying to sweep through political changes after another Greek election? ... so no boat to sail or swimming today, or yesterday--this has meant time for reading and reflection.

I respect my Kindle - it is marvellous.  It stores all the works of Shakespeare, Balzac and Proust - a reading revolution which, nevertheless, cannot match: books left open at a page to be read later; piles of books to be picked up, opened and shut, titillating promises of further interest; books that divulge information, the page turned down -- only in paperbacks mind you!  Post-it notes-a great invention- so one can easily return to any page or poem, leafing through pages, different fonts, assorted covers, varied paper - all pleasure!  The mind reacts quite differently to a well produced book.

A day spent in a house and garden encourages laptop adventures! TRY and how about - wondrous!


  1. Poetic praise for the printed page! My thoughts exactly. Thank you.



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