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POETRY: Kenneth Patchen

The Stars Go to Sleep So Peacefully

The stars go to sleep so peacefully...

Their high gently eyes closing like white flowers
In a child's dream of paradise.

With the morning, in house after grim house,

in a haste of money, proper to kiss their war,
These noble little fools awake.

O the soul of the world is dead...
Truth rots in a bloody ditch;
and love is impaled on a million bayonets

but great God! the stars go to sleep so peacefully

The Daft Little Shoe Clerk Decided It Would Be Fun to Go Up and See What Things Are Like above the Sky

At first it seemed rather tight
And oversnug at the heel
So that his nose tingled

But then there weren't any bothers
To speak of
No squalling brats or a boss
Sneaking around on soundproofed tennis shoes

By damn he said I'll not go down
There again
No siree let them all do their nasties
Barefoot for crooning on a cloud

Boppo! a nifty little babe with souped-up wings
Takes ahold of his arm
Real get-with-it like
And before he can say squeezed to meet you too

Off they happily fly forever and ever  


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