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Saturday, 13 April 2013

BOOKS: The Life of Objects by Susanna Moore

My friend, the writer, Polly Devlin wrote:

...I loved Susanna's book.. she is a master of prose, and there's always a slightly sadistic undertow to her delicacy… she understands the psychic wound.. I thought it an exemplary work…an important social document and  an imaginative work of the highest order...she got the the Irish  girl in  an extraordinary way-- Kate O'Brien wrote a novel in the 50's -- Mary Lavelle -- about a beautiful  Irish  girl - a governess--caught up in events in Spain which had some of the same qualities but  O'brien was Irish to her core (lesbian, which the Irish didn't like, (well, like is not the word, they were incredulous) so her books were banned. Hey ho. But then so were Edna"s…..). Joan Didion once--or maybe more than once--- has said that style is character …and what a character Susanna is-- no-one like her.

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