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Friday, 16 August 2013

BOOKS: by Junichiro Tanizaki

A revered writer I had never read. A present of a paperback started me off...Junichiro Tanizaki's THE SECRET  HISTORY  OF THE LORD OF MUSASHI - heads cut off in battle groomed before being triumphantly displayed by the victors - hair washed and combed, cosmetics applied, the procedure arouses a secret and sensual pleasure in the Samurai hero....I shall never feel the same about my head or anyone else's head for that matter.

Then on my I Pad I read THE MAKIOKA
SISTERS which I had resisted because it is over 500 are less aware of bulk with Kindle books!.....a bourgeois drama, sluggish at times, the repetitions are an integral part of the structure and the book's social message...fascinating Japanese 'moeurs'...strongly in place even now?  A book I will not forget... and more Tanizaki in future....DVD of the movie ordered immediately.

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