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Friday, 27 September 2013

TRAVEL / ART: Venice

The iconic church by Palladio on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore has Venice's most handsome campanile - a monastery of Benedictine monks, it is home to the Fondazione Georgio Cini, and has exhibition halls, which this summer, showed Marc Quinn.

His sculptures of people with missing limbs, paintings of great emotional impact.  On the quay, giant bronze shells - glowing golden - and some huge, very disturbing carvings of embryos carved in massive blocks of stone.
A quieter note is struck by an exhibition of Napoleone Martinuzzi's work in glass, executed by Venini 1925-1931 - wondrous, beautiful, immensly decorative, some huge and lustrous.

An installation by 
Not Vital: 700 Snowballs created by Alma Zevi is extraordinary - last chance to catch it this weekend - until September 29. 

To quote: ''700 Snowballs is an installation consisting of 700 individually blown glass balls which bear striking resemblance to snowballs suspended in the air...The installation creates a place of meditation, evoking the metamorphic, transformative and cyclical processes of nature".  

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