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Sunday, 24 November 2013

POETRY: Extract from Alexander Pushkin: TO NATALYA

So it's come to me at last ---
Cupid's such a flighty chap;
Fevered heart, has it fast --
In a trice I'm in his trap!
Vanished is the joyful day
When, not knowing love's dismay
I could live and blithely sing
At the theatre and fĂȘte,
Promenade and masquerade,
As a zephyr light of wing;
When I'd laugh at Cupid's spite,
Scoffing satires I would write
On the charming female kind;
But alas, I laughed in vain,
Felt at last his arrow's pain,
Fell myself out of my mind.
Freedom, mirth, wiped of the slate --- oh,
I must take a break from Cato
And assume a lover's part:
Saw the beauty of Natalya,
Lovely votaress of Thalia;
Now --- here's Cupid in my heart! 

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