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Monday, 3 February 2014


At London's Trafalgar Studios, I finally saw
the Almeida Theatre production of GHOSTS by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Richard Eyre who also directed the play: 'what I have written is a "version" or "adaptation" or "interpretation" of Ibsen's play, but I hope it comes near to squaring the circle of being close to what Ibsen intended while seeming spontaneous to an audience today".  

Impeccable - theatre at its best - an outstanding cast - Lesley Manville's performance as Helene Alving will be hard to forget. 
A searing criticism of nineteenth century values and hypocrisy but sympathetic to the human condition nonetheless. OMG has England not got good actors and talented directors.

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  1. I saw this recently and was stunned by the performances of the mother and son. The lighting was also quite brilliant. I too liked the sympathy that permeated the adaptation, the characters were above all human.