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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Table Tops

The art of arranging objects on tables, shelves or walls speaks volumes.  The arrangement, t he objects themselves, the colours, cluttered or spare, regimented or placed in a seemingly random manner – all reflect  personal history and character…….. and style.Here, in a masterful selection of tabletop arrangements, John Stefanidis shows different ways of displaying objects, art and personal momentoes.  These ‘Tablescapes’, as David Hicks called them, are not fixed – items can be removed or added as whim dictates.

  • Metal ribbon lamp from Habitat
  • Sculpture in glass by Laura di Santillana – Venice
  • Sculpture by Takis
  • Sculpture by Gordon Baldwin – Marsden Woo Gallery London
  • Garouste and Bonneti table of the 1980’s

Select a colour scheme.  John Stefanidis has predominantly black on gold with red and green highlights. An arrangement of objects which reflects his many travels.  Same table in two versions, the second with display of hellebore flowers in a silver bowl which, of course, could be some other seasonal bloom.
On John Stefanidis’ timeless Cloud Table in brass – his furniture just DOES NOT DATE – are (clockwise from bottom):
  • Cigarette ‘etuille’ with John Stefanidis’ initials (
  • Sculpture by the Venetian Laura di Santillana
  • Evil eye – Venini, Venice (
  • Metal box from Japan – faux bois
  • 1950’s ashtray
  • Jade beads bought in China and made into worry beads(
  • Granite fragment from an Egyptian obelisk
  • Bronze Buddha’s hand – a treasured possession from Burma

A simple arrangement showing how an original juxtaposition of two unrelated objects will draw the eye and create interest.
  • John Stefanidis’ Patmos table.  This is the original ‘go-anywhere’ table looking equally chic used inside or outside.
  • Simple dish made from moulded glass and picked up by John Stefanidis on his travels to Venice.
  • A metal footprint of Buddha from India is inscribed with auspicious signs.

You can enhance a kitchen or bar area, this a small display on an oak top.
  • Rattan blinds from India – Joss Graham (
  • Oversize silver spoon for ice
  • Brass sculpture by Lucio Fontana
  • Moulded glass dish from Venice
  • A digital frame – a modern gadget to show images of your latest trip, adventure or indeed your beloved.

Items arranged by colour and similar sparkle and opalescence on an oak surface.  If and when you are bored of an arrangement – clear it away and start again.

  • Crystal shell from India
  • Crystal rocks – from Ben Gaskell
  • Etched glass dish 1940’s
  • Spectacles encrusted with diamonds from Zitomer (76th Street at Madison Avenue – opposite Hotel Carlyle, New York)
  • (Centre)  Inlaid jade box 1920’s
  • Crystal with silver crayfish
  • Loulou de la Falaise brooch on the largest crystal rock

A sparse uncluttered look which emphasises the beauty of the items on display.
  • Marble table top
  • Venini lamp with box pleated silk shade
  • Berlin porcelain figure on a hippocamp