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Friday, 14 October 2011

ARCHITECTURE: Oare Pavilion in deepest Wiltshire

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PREOCCUPIED BY EXPANSES OF GRASS TOO CLOSE TO GLASS – it can result in too great an awareness of the rain and damp which is what makes Blighty a green and pleasant land. 

The revered 20th century architect, I.M. Pei [now over 90], who has recently completed the handsome Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, was chosen to design this airy building that floats amongst the Downs.

 I.M.Pei’s solution to raise the pavilion was brilliant. My clients, with taste and flair, had the nouse not to build a flint, brick or stone folly more suited to centuries past.  I.M. was most accommodating about my participation and has described me as ‘excellent and creative’ – hurray!  We designed the cloakrooms, a kitchen and all the furniture [not the white swivel Eames chair].  Bright colours prevents the pavilion from feeling cold in the depths of winter.

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