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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

BOOKS - for those who read paperback, hardback or kindle

Last week I received two books as presents

My bookish friend Victoria McDonaugh sent me Garden of the Brave in War – Recollections of Iran by Terence O’Donnell published by Mage Publishers Washington DC in 2003.  An enchanting book written by an American who lived in Iran for fifteen years, written without ever being condescending, he gives a vivid description of his life on a farm and Iranians in all their complexities and marvellous descriptions of the country’s beautiful landscapes.  Important to read when Iran is demonised by politics.

The writer, Polly Devlin, sent me Among Booksellers - Tales Told in Letters to Howard Hodgkin by David Batterham published by Stone Trough Books.  This book consists of letters sent to the painter Howard Hodgkin over the years.  These letters are quirky, lively and prove that booksellers are rather 'odd’ – to quote the author – odd in the most delightful way! 

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