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Friday, 16 December 2011


Scagliola [from the Italian scaglia, meaning ‘chips’ is a technique for producing stucco columns, sculptures, and other architectural elements that resemble inlays in marble and semi precious stones.

Churches in Rome and elsewhere in Italy abound in scagliola columns that look like marble but ain’t – if they are cold to the touch, they are marble, if not they are scagliola. It is versatile – under used – you seldom find marble to equal what scagliola can do!  

Some examples of where I have used scagliola:
A yali on the Bosphorus in Istanbul
**** see January 2012 issue of The World of Interiors****
A JS designed lamp base
A  fireplace for contemporary house 

Detail of a fireplace in a country house

..Available in 80 colours no less!

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POETRY: Osip Mandelstam