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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

DESIGN: Balance by John Stefanidis

The corners of rooms count as do well balanced and harmoniously arranged walls, using objects in pairs OR NOT.

Below left: A wall in my Hall - SYMMETRY: a Teddy Millington-Drake abstract painting, two Chinese baby pens [yes,  babies once took the place of umbrellas and sticks]; a high Baroque English stool painted cream and highlighted in dark brown and upholstered in John Stefanidis Flowers fabric from the Japanese Collection.
Below right: A wall in my bedroom - ASYMMETRY: Note the Garouste & Bonetti metal cupboard and the Asian mix of Tatami matting, woven ikat, basketweave, a Pacific shell, Indonesian batik  on walls and chair---different countries share an aesthetic language.

Above: In a guest bedroom in the Mid-West, USA: red walls, a group of Millington-Drake watercolours; the bed hanging is covered in John Stefanidis Bokhara fabric and the same flower motif made to fit the John Stefanidis Getty chairs. Note the small red stool for people who are too short to climb into bed.

Below: A glimpse into a sitting room: the palest of pink walls [a dash of carmine in white emulsion], a pink batik covers a table, Schiaparelli pink sofas and cushions; a vibrant pink bougainvillea in a brown ceramic pot.

Below: Plants and flowers make for happiness and remember that Mme. de Pompadour's rooms at Versailles - now so formal to our eyes - were brimful with flowers and plants: 

Below: Balance and views through whenever possible: A London guest bedroom in an 18th century house.

Below: A corner of the sitting room seen through door above: Note balance and proportion, the large pleated silk shade is the right size and 'accents' the mirror on the wall,  flowers in a John Stefanidis silver pot; a silk cushion embroidered with tiny gold and red  buttons from Rajasthan.

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