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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

NOTICE: John Stefanidis Fabric Collection

John Stefanidis Brands Ltd is pleased to confirm that the John Stefanidis fabric collection has been sold to Tissus d’Helene, one of the best fabric showrooms in London

From 1st August, 2012 ownership the following designs will pass to: Tissus d’Helene, 421 Design Centre East, Chelsea Harbour, London SW10 0XF.  

Contact:  Helen Cormack.  Tel: 020 7352 9977.  E: W:


Abigail                                                  Emma                                                                   Lucy
Alexandrine                                        Esrajim Stripe Narrow                                    Mahal                   
Bamboo                                                 Fanfare (Foibles II)                                            Paulina
Baskets (Foibles V)                             Fishbones (Fish)                                                 Pelargonium
Bells (Foibles III)                                 Floral                                                                     Promenade (Stripe – Foibles)
Bokhara                                    Flowers                                                                 Puccini
Butnair                                                 Forest                                                                    Rain      
Butterflies                                            Fossil                                                                      Rice
Checks                                                   Gonfaloniere                                                       Scritch Scratch 
Chinese Clouds                                   Herringbone                                                        Shades
Chinese Clouds Small                       Hong Kong Netherton (Netherton)              Shanghai
Claudia                                                 Jaisilmir                                                              Spitalfields
Cosima                                                  Jennie                                                                   Tibet
Delft                                                       Josephine                                                             Udaiphur            
Diamonds                                             Kuba (Art Negre I)                                            Yin Yang
Eliane                                                    Ladakh                                                                  Zanzibar (Art Negre II)

Please note that design Carnival will be discontinued from the current range and available by special order only from John Stefanidis Brands Ltd.

We are working to make the transition of the range to the new owner as smooth as possible for both our rep. showrooms and customers.  Enquiries, sampling requests and orders placed after 1st August, 2012 should be addressed to Tissus d’Helene.

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