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Friday, 24 August 2012

BOOKS: Evelyn Waugh 'Winner Takes All'

Extract from 'Winner Takes All':

Throughout the peevish months of waiting Mrs. Kent-Cumberland had fortified herself with the hope that she would have a daughter.  It would be a softening influence for Gervase, who was growing up somewhat unresponsive, to have a pretty, gentle, sympathetic sister two years younger than himself.  She would come out just when he was going up to Oxford and would save him from with either of the dreadful extremes of evil company which threatened that stage of development-the bookworm and the hooligan.  She would bring down delightful girls for Eights Week and Commem.   Mrs. Kent-Cumberland had it all planned out.   When she was delivered of another son she named him Thomas, and fretted through her convalescence with her mind on the coming hunting season.

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