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Friday, 10 August 2012

DESIGN: Durries

Durries are the best summer rugs
--crisp and fresh--
cotton under bare feet is incomparable.

Above: The simplicity of stripes and chevrons - designed for a terrace in Greece
On the floor of a bedoom in Greece,
blue and white durrie from Jaipur

These durries were made to order and have an individuality not always found in shops, which are often too faded, the colours too pastel, of poor design, etc.  They are nothing like old durries which, at one time, were made in the jails of Northern India]. 

A simple design, in cream and terracotta, for an apartment in Athens 

A durrie for a guest bedroom on a Greek island

A durrie designed for a bedroom in Florida.
Note - John Stefanidis fabrics 'Flowers' and 'Floral' adorn the bed and stool

Details of durries designed for an island house in Greece

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