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Monday, 1 October 2012


Hollywood's version - Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra [1963]- a film by Joseph L. Mankiewicz - unforgettable for its grandeur and a Cleopatra WINK!
The Sphinx guarding Cleopatra's Needle, London by George J. Vuillamy [1880]

The Suicide of Cleopatra by Reginald Arthur [1892]
Cleopatra by  François-Auguste Fannière [1902]
Cleopatra by Demetre H. Chiparus [1925]
Moïse sauvé des eaux by Frederick Goodall [1885]

Cleopatra's eulogy was sung by the Roman poet Horace:

Indeed she preferred a finer style of dying;
She did not, like a woman, fear the dagger
Or seek by speed at sea
To leave her Egypt for distant shores.

But gazing on her desolate palace
With a soft smile, unflinchingly accepted
The angry asp until
Her veins had drunk the deadly poison deep;

And thus more determined, fiercer than ever,
Perished.  Was she to grace a haughty triumph,
Dethroned, paraded by 
The rude Liburnians? Not Cleopatra!    

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POETRY: Osip Mandelstam