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Monday, 29 October 2012

TRAVEL: Austria

Carinthia has the highest rate of sunshine in all of Austria..
Around the lake of Wörthersee [above] are the towns of Maria WörthKlagenfurt, Villach, Velden.  A region which breathes history and antiquity, a kernel of Europe...
On the left neo-classicism mixed with secessionist, and on the right secessionist
 Landhaus Assembly Hall, Klagenfurt, first assembly 1581. 
Coats of arms of notables in the area [above] 
 Church of St. Jakob  
Hey! a Cadillac, anyone know the year? 

...and last but not least - strict and friendly, ugly rooms and bathrooms, effective cure, good air on the lake... the
F.X. MAYR & more® Health Centre... 

                                                                          Right: a result of the cure!

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