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Monday, 5 January 2015

FILM: America America / The Young Lions / Reflection in a Golden Eye

Brando’s Smile, the biography [see my entry 30th October 2014] led me to Tennessee Williams and hence the DVD of A Streetcar Named Desire directed by Elia Kazan. 

Brando and Anna Magnansizzle in The Fugitive Kind, directed by Sidney Lumet. From the play Orpheus Descending by Tennessee... who revered Elia Kazan, the director of some of his plays. 
This led me to Kazan’s America America – a great saga of a movie. My infatuation with Brando and his acting led to The Young Lions directed by Edward Dmytryk.

Montgomery Clift and Dean Martin are American, Brando a German. World War II told from both sides, old fashioned, black & white and great.

Reflection in a Golden Eye, Brando and Elizabeth Taylor as husband and wife, his latent homosexuality leads to suicide. Directed by John Huston [his best and last film, The Dead?]Psychologically a bombshell when filmed, based on a Carson McCullers book. This caustic writer of febrile sensitivity links up with Tennessee Williams, their friendship described in his biography [see my entry 30th October].

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