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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

ART: Motya Charioteer

I first saw this stunning statue of a charioteer when on loan to the Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens.  Sensuous and beautifully carved, I had planned to see it again at Mozia, a small island off the Sicilian coast*  The charioteer was at The British Museum during the Olympics this summer – any news of its arrival and display was swamped by the egocentric spoutings of ardent  Olympic winners!
*the island belonged to the Whitaker family who made their fortune selling Marsala wine. A descendant, Billy Whitaker, lived with his sister Penelope in Edwardian splendour at Pylewell Park near Lymington in Hampshire].

The British Museum, London

Made by a Greek sculptor in Sicily about 460-450 BC.
 Found on the Sicilian island of Motya (Mozia) of the western tip of Sicily in 1979.

Museo Giuseppe Whitaker, Marsala, Sicily 

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