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Thursday, 15 November 2012

GARDENS: A video of my garden in Patmos filmed on an iPhone--better next time!



  1. John- Please can you tell me what the blue plant is in the first photograph? Similar to acanthus- but, obviously different. Many thanks. I expect it's sub-tropical, and can't be grown in London...

    Many thanks


  2. Dear Luke
    It is Echium candicans - it will not tolerate a hard frost, worth trying in a sheltered spot in the UK with winter protection. I have seen echiums growing in London.
    All the best
    John Stefanidis

    1. Thank you, very helpful.

      Best wishes, Luke

  3. I love the bird and insect sounds

  4. Have just found your blog, couldn't be more delighted....have always admired your work and have all the books etc etc
    I live in an area in Australia where we have snow most year and a high rain fall and have enormous success with echium.Will wait with baited breath for the next garden video.


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