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CURIOSITY: The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford


If in Oxford, do go to see a Victorian oddity.

Housed in an amazing iron structure, The Pitt Rivers Museum - the University of Oxford's collection of anthropology and world archaeology. Except for one or two attempts, everything is shown in a very old-fashioned higgledy piggledy way...
worth a whirl!
Clockwise: Glass bottles containing samples of pigments used by Andaman Islanders and Australian Aboriginies for painting their bodies, collected in the 1870's and 1890's, a carved and painted wooden figure of a rhinoceros hornbill [c. 1923, Sarawak, Malaysia], Interior of an unfinished mudhif, Rumailiya Marshes, Southern Iraq [1955]     
The Pitt Rivers Museum


  1. There's just something terribly old-fashioned about a proper museum; glass cases, taxidermy, curious objets found...which is utterly charming.

  2. Nice way to decorate your walls. I have never done that. My effort to beautify the walls in my house was to order big-sized canvas prints from, from images of western art. I use the same angel motifs in all of the rooms painted by different painters, such as this one by very interesting English artist Stanley Spencer,



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