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ARCHITECTURE/BOOKS: The Valley of Mud Brick Architecture

I shall regret forever not visiting the Hadramut region in what is now turbulent South Yemen.

My mother bought this Zanzibar chest in the Hadramut - now in my Greek house on Patmos in the Dodecanese.

The 16th Century city of Shibam

Setting the newly made bricks on edge to dry. Stacking the bricks in five layers to complete the drying process

The entirely whitewashed mosque Ma'ruf just outside Shibam
Variations on the Hadrami khalfdah screen, and detail drawings

Al Jami mosque, looking onto the eastern entrance

Ba Alawi Mosque - detail of a corner column

The above photographs taken from The Valley of Mud Brick Architecture: Shibam, Tarim and Wadi Hadramut by Salma Samar Damluji


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