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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Contemporary Neoclassicism is a relief  from the modernism of the International School and its followers, the genius Corbusier and his poor imitators.
Above: Jacquelin T. Robertson's New Albany Country Club in Ohio, USA - Neoclassicism is interpreted with dignity.
Bomber Command Memorial - London.  The bombing of Dresden remains controversial - brave and valiant men nevertheless - they have a new monument, if only its colonnade [above] was not reminiscent of a Fellini movie. Liam O'Connor Architects won the competition to design the memorial...described by Rowan Moore in The Observer, June 2012 as 'amnesiac classical'.
Memorial Day 2012

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

The rather vivid and obvious interior is better than being too bland, and such is the quality of The Queen's Collection shown that it matters little. but the Portico, designed by John Simpson & Partners, [above] is worthy of a provincial temple in deepest Thrace [note the damp creeping up the inelegant columns].
Quinlan Terry is a very successful architect. He is highly regarded, as we know, by the Prince of Wales. The Chelsea Infirmary, London [above]is one of his latest buildings and compares abysmally with Christopher Wren's Royal Hospital...the Chelsea Pensioners deserve better. 

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